Do you offer free shipping?

 We offer Free Shipping on orders over $60 as a Thank You! The Free USPS Standard Shipping is the same speed as USPS Standard Shipping (3-5 days) **Please note that Free Shipping applies to orders who total $60or over AFTER any discount code or sale price is applied**


I selected 3-5 delivery.  It's been outside 5 days and my package still hasn't been delivered.

 Here at Pure Rootz, we pride ourselves in getting orders out as quickly as possible. However, there are sometimes during high peak times that it may take us up to 48 hrs to get your package out.  This is standard processing time.  Your order can then take 3-5 days to be delivered after processing.  Additionally, we highly suggest that you check your tracking number before contacting us.  All orders are tracked through USPS and clicking the tracking number in your confirmation email will provide the best fidelity on your package delivery date.  Lastly, there are occasional times when USPS delays shipment due to the volume of orders, weather, and other factors.  Please keep this in mind when waiting for your Pure Rootz package.


Can I change my delivery address although my order has been shipped?

 Unfortunately, you cannot change your address once your order has shipped.  However, we suggest that you contact your local USPS Center and request that your package is diverted to the correct address.


My order is marked as delivered, but I haven't received it.

If your tracking states your package has been delivered, but you have not received it, please first check with any surrounding neighbors for anyone who may have accepted the package on your behalf.  Additionally, sometimes packages are left at the doorstep and sometimes they will be delivered to the mailbox.  Please ensure to check all locations that mail may be delivered to, including apartment clubhouses and front offices.

If you had your Pure Rootz order delivered to a workplace, please check with all employees who may have accepted the package. 

Couriers may update the tracking as delivered prior to delivery, so please allow up to 24 hours before assuming the package is lost. If after this period, you're still unable to locate your order, get in touch with us at,  we'll open an investigation with the courier and do our best to help out.


There is something missing from my order!

If you are missing an item from your order, or if you received the wrong product, please promptly email us at  For a faster resolution, please annotate your name, order number, contents in which you received, and contents you are missing.  Our team will look into the matter and work a resolution for you as quickly as possible.

**Please note that we ARE NOT ABLE TO SHIP PACKAGES TO BASES - if you have an address off base, please have your package shipped there**